Goddess Sahrye - Puppies Hump The Bed And Lick Their Rockets
Goddess Sahrye - Puppies Hump The Bed And Lick Their Rockets

Goddess Sahrye - Puppies Hump The Bed And Lick Their Rockets

Who's a good boy? Are you a good boy? I don't think you're a good boy. Good boys don't sit there with their rockets out. I see your little rocket. You need to put it away and let's go for a walk. I want to see how my puppy walks on his leash. Good boy. Now sit. Now give me your paw, that's a good boy. And good boys get treats. Do you want a tummy rub? Uh, what's that? Didn't I say to put your rocket away? I'm gonna have to put you in your cage if you keep popping out.

Can you speak puppy? Speak. Good boy. My puppy needs to learn more tricks. Let me see your rollover. Ohhh, that's a good boy. Now lay on your back. Look at me puppy, always look me in the eyes. Good boy. Come to the bed and sit. Now your little rocket was out earlier, why do puppy's rockets come out? Because you're a horny little puppy and you want to hump, you want to hump the bed, because that's what puppies do.

Is that what you want to do, hump the bed? Because that's all puppies like you get to do. Show me how obedient you are, hump the bed for me. I want you to jump to my every command, like a well trained puppy. And I don't want your rocket out without my permission. Why does it keep popping up? You're being a bad little puppy.

What do you plan on doing with your rocket? Do you want to touch it? There's only way that puppies get to touch their rockets and that's by licking it. Do you plan on licking it? You better find a way if you want to touch it. Do you think you can do that for me? If you don't listen I'm going to get me a new puppy. Maybe I'll just give you away. Is that what you want?

Maybe your new owner won't care for you like I do. You need my training and attention. You want to be my good puppy. So you better behave or I'm going to send you to obedience school and they might not be as nice there as I am. So show me that you want to me puppy, show me that you deserve to be mine. Do you want to keep your rocket away or do you want to go to the pound? I need a loyal, obedient puppy. Are you gonna be that puppy for me?

Goddess Sahrye - Puppies Hump The Bed And Lick Their Rockets




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