Miss Raquel Roper - Boyfriend Turned Puppy Slave, Complete Dehumanization
Miss Raquel Roper - Boyfriend Turned Puppy Slave, Complete Dehumanization

Miss Raquel Roper - Boyfriend Turned Puppy Slave, Complete Dehumanization

Weíve been in a relationship for awhile now, but I have to be honest with you, Iíve always felt like something has been missing, the dynamic just isnít quite right. Weíve been boyfriend and girlfriend for a few years but I feel like Iíve always been in charge. And the truth is, Iíve never really looked at you as my boyfriend. And you know how lately Iíve been telling you that I want to get a puppy to train, to discipline, to guide and direct. Well I should have been a little bit more specific. And well I hate to break it to you but I donít want a boyfriend. And I donít want just any puppy. I want you to be my puppy. You are going to transform from boyfriend to puppy slave. Does that excite you? Even if it doesnít, it doesnít matter, you have no choice. I know you love me, and I know you want to be devoted to me, and you want to stay with me, so youíre going to have to do it on my terms. So as my new puppy slave the first thing you have to know is that puppies donít wear clothes. They have no need for them. So youíre going to put on some attire that will transform you, first physically, and then eventually mentally. I know you want to be the puppy slave that I desire. Youíre going to wear a collar, a snout, and ears, and cute little butt plug tail. This will really help you get into the right headspace. Iím even going to give you mitts that will transform your hands into paws, that will you be completely dehumanized. And youíre no longer going to walk on your own two feet. Thatís not how puppies walk. Youíre going to crawl on all fours like a puppy. And youíre not going to speak either. Iím going to put a gag in your mouth so your speech is taken from you. You can only bark from now on, bark through your gag. You donít get to speak. All your mannerisms will be that of a puppy. Complete and utter transformation. When youíre happy youíll wag your tail. And when youíre sad youíll whimper like a puppy. Youíll be so pathetic but thatís exactly what I want. And if you misbehave Iíll have to discipline you like a puppy. Iíll walk you around on a leash. And since youíre not my boyfriend any more, you wonít be sleeping in the bed, will you? I bought you a cage and that is where youíll s***p. Iím going to physically and mentally strip your manhood from you. This is what I want and you have no say. I know you want to please me. And when you are transformed into my puppy slave, youíre going to lose yourself in your new role. Youíre going to forget that you were a man to begin with. Kiss your old life behind. Today you are reborn from boyfriend to little puppy slave.

Added: 7/7/18

Miss Raquel Roper - Boyfriend Turned Puppy Slave, Complete Dehumanization


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