Madam Violet - Forgotten
Madam Violet - Forgotten

Madam Violet - Forgotten

There is a room in My house no one ever goes in, itís a forgotten room. It is here I have YOU shackled to My wall. No one can hear you in this room slave, and let Me tell you a little SECRET, no one even knows youíre here! Not even My boyfriend, you are MY SECRET toy, and I am going to play with you however I wish, no consequences for Me, no chance of escape for youÖyou must be quiet, you must be a GOOD slaveÖIím going to help by making you so very FORGETFUL confused and COMPLIANT. Donít whimper, I know it turns you on, look at your cock! I want you to stroke it for Me, good boy. I want you to FORGET, itís easy to remember to forget, with every STROKE your thoughts vanish, with every SNAP you forget some more, your family, your name, forgetting it allÖ All you need to remember is the word Ďslaveí that is all you are now. Iíll keep you here, My secret sex slave, Iíll keep you in a hazy, CONFUSED state of mind, forgetful and fractured thinking, a constant raging ERECTION, using you and abusing you, NO ONE can stop Me. I can see the FEAR and AROUSAL in your eyes, fear of what Iím going to do with you next, but youíre too forgetful to remember, and too HORNY to care, so it doesnít really matter anyway. For now slave youíre going to CUM for Me and your metamorphosis will be complete. Stroke and forget, stroke and CUM, letting everything go, becoming, NOTHING and no one, nothing but My forgotten slave. My little SECRET....Recover yourself slave, because I will be back, very soon, to fuck your mind some more. Contains: femdom POV, trance, mind control, brainwashing, finger snaps, memory loss, joi, seduction, mental domination, anchors, post trance suggestions
Price: $24.99 USD
Added: 8/5/16

Madam Violet - Forgotten


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