Sarah DiAvola - Cream Dream
Sarah DiAvola - Cream Dream

Sarah DiAvola - Cream Dream

Inhale...exhale...inhale...exhale...float away with me to a place where your fantasies come alive. Come deep inside your own sexual dreams, where you can feel, smell, hear, and taste every drop of the experience with me. I want us to have something intimate together...something exquisitely rare and delicious. Take yourself to bed with me, in your wildest dreams. Place your lips against my throbbing, hot, wet sex, the way you do as you jerk yourself to sleep every night. You're in a trance. It might as well be real.
Lick every drop, savor every moment, and feel the wetness on your tongue as you drive your dream girl to orgasm. She beckons you to join her, to release your desires into your hand as you are mesmerized into a virtual reality of giving her oral pleasure. Cum into your palm... taste the juices of this fantasy pussy... now lick the honey from your fingers. Suck the fruit from your palm. Don't miss a single snippet of sweet nectar.
Mmmm. Delicious.
Now, as you bask in your after glow, be ready to be awoken from your dream state. SNAP. Now smell your hand. Does that smell like pussy to you? No, I think it smells like cum - YOUR cum. That's right: I just made you lick your own salty, musky cum from your hand. Look at yourself, slicked in sticky juices that don't belong to ANY woman, let alone me! It was all a fantasy - and that's all it will ever be, as you lick the salt from your entranced lips.
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Sarah DiAvola - Cream Dream

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