Jocelyn Baker - Mommy Gifts You Your First Time 4 Xmas
Jocelyn Baker - Mommy Gifts You Your First Time 4 Xmas

Jocelyn Baker - Mommy Gifts You Your First Time 4 Xmas

Itís late, and youíre resting in bed. You awake to your mom standing in front of you wearing her robe. She tells you that itís officially midnight and that itís Christmas Day! Youíre so excited, you want to jump out of bed. But, before you do, Mommy tells you she has a special gift for you this year! She knows that you are becoming a man, and she wants to give you a gift that youíll remember forever. Wow! Sounds so cool. But, Mommy says in order to get this really cool gift she has to climb in bed with you. Youíre fine with that. Mommy slips her robe off and reveals Christmas lingerie?! And itís making your cock twitch in a way that it never has while looking at she climbs into bed with you she starts asking you if you have ďurgesĒ and you shyly tell her you have been. But, itís okay! Mommy is here tonight to help you with those urges (itís all apart of your special gift, after all!) Mommy starts rubbing you, getting lower and lower..sheís making you very excited. She asks if you want her to stop and you tell her no. Soon Mommy takes the Christmas outfit off and is naked in bed with you, now she wants to know if you have ever had sex (but youíre a virgin!) thatís good she says..because your final Christmas present is the gift is losing your virginity. & Mommy is going to be the one who takes it! Talk about the BEST Christmas EVER!

Jocelyn Baker - Mommy Gifts You Your First Time 4 Xmas


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