Chastity On The Beach
Lindsey Leigh - Chastity On The Beach

Chastity On The Beach

I spot you on the beach. Immediately I stop in my tracks, I know you. I quickly remind you of who I am. In a matter of minutes you have bragged about yourself so much I find myself being completely repulsed. There is nothing worse than a guy who is arrogant and egotistical. Im glad you are doing well but your attitude is way too superior for me. You need to be taken down a notch, actually taken all the way down to the bottom. You need to be reminded that you are a beta, you will never be an alpha. On the beach I publicly shame you and lock your cock in a chastity device. The fact that you're a horn made locking you that much easier. Once you are locked I throw the keys to your chastity into the ocean. Fuck you. You deserve to have this happen to you. Watching your future and keys sink to the bottom of the ocean reminds you of your place in society. There is no place for you except to be my glorified servant. Now get on your knees and crawl behind me as I walk the beach. Who is the alpha now? Yep, still me.

Chastity On The Beach


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