Pink Shorts Tease
Mistress Tatyana - Pink Shorts Tease

Pink Shorts Tease

Are you going to be a good piggy for me? Look at how happy you are down at my feet. I know that you love the view from down there. My feet and my legs are so close, but always out of reach. You may look, but you can NEVER touch. Can you feel how your mind is emptying? Can you feel all of your thoughts and feelings and opinions disappearing? POOF! Youíve become a happy, brainless, empty-minded pig-. What a good boy! All you have to do is WORK, WORK, WORK in order to give me all kinds of pretty things. Your life is all about me now. You donít need to think. Thinking is my job. Just be a good little piggy and make lots of money for me.
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Pink Shorts Tease

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