Pink Shiny Dress Pantyhose Puppet
Goddess Isabel - Pink Shiny Dress Pantyhose Puppet

Pink Shiny Dress Pantyhose Puppet

I am your Goddess, your beautiful pink Princess. I am so powerful and I look so amazing and you look so disgusting loser. Don't you just love my pink shiny dress? See how it hugs all of my perfect curves. I know you can't stop staring and thinking about my perfection there on your screen in front of you. You're growing so weak. Feel your knees grow weak before me and bow down. Doesn't it feel good to be on your knees before me?Now look up at my perfect ass. It looks so sexy in this tight little dress. I love teasing you and taking control of you. You get so horny and easy to manipulate. You're so fucked loser. I'm going to invade your mind in this tight, pink shiny dress. Now I want you to look up at me. Look at my long legs in my pantyhose. Look at my cute, pink high heels. I am a vision in pink. I can see you're jerking and growing even weaker by the second. I'm going to destroy that brain of yours with my heels. Next I want you to worship my adorable pantyhose feet. Look at my long, perfect legs. Fall under my spell loser. Get weak for my nylons. I know what makes you tick, pantyhose and feet. And I'm going to tease you with them relentlessly, making you my helpless little puppet. Worship the feet of a Goddess. You love being at my feet. Lick my feet with your disgusting tongue loser. You can no longer resist, you are so weak. You can't stop jerking to my pantyhose feet. I'm seducing you into the perfect foot slave.

Pink Shiny Dress Pantyhose Puppet


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