Pregnant Orgasm & Contractions Part II
Brooke Marie - Pregnant Orgasm & Contractions Part II

Pregnant Orgasm & Contractions Part II

This video was a custom request and the name "Nate" is used throughout. What was requested in his words: "You start off in a robe and sexy bra and panties. You tell me you've been having contractions on and off all day, so you want to show off your belly and have some fun one last time before its too late. You slip out of your robe, and start showing off and lotioning up your belly, when you have a contraction. You rub your belly, moaning from the pressure. You see that this has actually turned me on, and tell me that orgasms can actually cause contractions, so you break out the vibrator, and play with yourself till you have a strong orgasm. You then have another, stronger contraction, moaning louder this time, and talking about how you love that I'm getting turned on, even if its because youre uncomfortable. You continue rubbing your belly, playing with it, patting it, and talking about how much you love your belly and popped out belly button. You suddenly have another contraction. You moan, telling me how sexy you feel, as your beautiful body prepares to give birth. After it passes, you comment on how intense that last one was, and rub some more lotion on your belly. You start to talk about how sexy you are, but are interrupted as another contractions hit, and all you can do is rock back and forth, moaning and panting. Once its over, you say youre glad I'm enjoying your pain, but that I'm going to have to take you to the hospital, because the baby is coming. You quickly put on a shirt and pants. You have one more contraction, doubling over and clutching your belly, before you manage to actually leave."

Pregnant Orgasm & Contractions Part II


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