The Bounty Hunter's Demise
Bratty Randy - The Bounty Hunter's Demise

The Bounty Hunter's Demise

Yeah you caught me, and you're gonna take me to jail...and you're gonna collect that big fat bounty...tomorrow. But tonight we have to spend the night here. Thanks for taking off the cuffs and letting me shower. I know you're gonna cuff me to the bed so you won't worry about me escaping...but first would you mind putting a little lotion on where I can't reach so butt. Here...I'll hold your beer. Haha, I know you're so distracted you won't see what I drop into it. Oh you're done...just relax, drink your beer and let me tell you a little story. A story about how I separate men from their money. It all starts with a drink you see...and the little special something I add to it that makes them woozy and obedient. How are YOU feeling by the way?? Oh, a little dizzy. Just lie back and relax while I show you my perfect body. You like my tits? How about my ass? See just like those other're under my spell. Look how hard your cock is. Go ahead pull it out and touch it. Oh you feel funny? A little dizzy? Don't be alarmed...and don't point that silly at, let me have it. That's a good boy! Now pull off those pants and stroke your cock...but don't cum! You're just like all of them aren't you? Now hand me your wallet and car keys. Yes...I'm getting dressed now. give me your wrist so I can cuff you to the bed. Good boy. Now you know how do my trick. You think you're smart cause you hunted me down don't you? You're so smart...that's why I have your wallet and keys...and you're naked and cuffed to the bed! Sleepy? Be a good little bounty hunter and close your eyes. Nite nite. Thanks so much for letting me go! Hahahaha!

The Bounty Hunter's Demise




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