Secret Sissy Pantyboy
Mistress T - Secret Sissy Pantyboy

Secret Sissy Pantyboy

You love panties, don't you? Go on, admit it. You're such a fucking sissy, you love wearing panties. You can't deny it. So go put on some sexy, girly panties. I know you're getting a little boner already. You can pretend you're not into this but your cock proves otherwise. Don't you feel sexy in them? Do some sexy poses, make yourself feel all slutty and girly. It may be humiliating but you love that. A proper sissy likes to act a little bit slutty. I'll bet you even wear them out under you clothes sometimes, don't you? I knew it, you're just a little panty sissy.
Now start jerking that cock in your panties. I want to see you cum in your panties like a good little sissy. Stroke inside those panties. You like the way that feels, you love the way the panties feel against your cock and your ass. You like the way it looks and feels. You like feeling feminine, don't you? Yes, you're my secret sissy panty boy. It's ok to admit it. You are fucking loving this! Look how hard your dick is!
I know you're embarrassed that I know your little secret, but I also know that you're enjoying this right now. Letting go, becoming who you are. It's not that you're necessarily gay, because it turns you on to see me in panties too. It's ok if you're a little confused. I'm going to make you feel so good.
I'm going to tease you in my panties, I'm going to show you how to touch that sissy dick of yours as I touch my pussy through my panties. We can masturbate in our panties together. C'mon my little sissy pantyboy. I'm going to make you cum so hard in your panties. I know your secret... You should suck those panties clean now.

Secret Sissy Pantyboy




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