Killer Wife 2
GcupBitch - Killer Wife 2

Killer Wife 2

11 minutes! Custom request: For this clip i'd like you to wear those fantastic shiny black leggings And a tight shiny low-cut top you wore in "Drained dry Pay to stroke!" ... even better a sexy shiny skintight black catsuit, but i've never seen you in one so doubted you'd have one... Also could you put your hair in pig-tails and wear sexy make up plus -red glossy lipstick. Please!!! :) If you could start out wearing your glasses and at some point (of your choosing) in the clip, remove them? You do have wonderful eyes :)
My clip scenario: You are playing the part of a newly married wife. You walk into the room and you are looking (into the camera) at your very rich husband. You tell him how you only married him for his money, and that you never find him attractive so will never kiss him or have sex with him. You keep teasing him with your sexy ass as... you turn and move your body sexily teasing him and seducing him. You laugh because you see how he is so turned on by your great beauty and you can see how he grows weaker and weaker in your presence. Then you look him in the eyes again. You slap him in the face... You tell him that he has one chance to have sex with you, you give him a piece of paper and tell him to sign it. If he signs it, all his money and everything he has will belong to you! But your husband tries to resist... you laugh. Again you slap his face few times. You keep moving your body in a sexy way, bringing your chest close to his face, then you turn and move your ass close to him. You keep teasing him with your ass for some minutes as you continue to tell him how you are smarter than him and that you will take everything he has and worked so hard for many years to make. He continues to try to resist, he tries very hard... but you look into his eyes and smile and tease him and tell him how you will pleasure him so much if he signs the paper.
Finally, his resistance breaks and he signs it. You take the paper from his hand and you laugh at how easy it was to take everything fom him. You tell him that you were only joking, and that you will never have sex with him. Not even one kiss. But one moment!!! You have a great idea!!! You put on a special lipstick... this one has poison in it. You tell him that you will kiss him one time, and it will be his last forever! You taunt him that if he can resist your kiss, you will let him go... But of course you know that he could never resist you. You tell him how he is just a stupid man and that you took all his money and big luxury houses, and that now you will him with just one kiss. You remind him that you are 100 times smarter than him, and always were the more powerful and dominant in this relationship. Then you come closer and give one slow sexy kiss to the camera, and you smile, turn around and walk away. THE END!
This is a remake of the first (Killer Wife) femme fatale / financial domination video I did, but with a completely different look and slight scene changes. This one is even HOTTER than the first!!!
This femme fatale video clip features elements of financial domination, PVC clothing / shiny rubber catsuit fetish, black widow wife, tease and denial, bitchy gold-digger wife, shiny red lipstick / mouth fetish.

Killer Wife 2




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