Young Goddess Kim - The Secretary
Young Goddess Kim - The Secretary

Young Goddess Kim - The Secretary

The feel should be very seductive and teasing. You play a naughty and dominant secretary, dressed in a secretary type outfit (like the one you had in the “Sweet Suffering Challenge” video). You enter my office were I sit in a chair, and step in front of me while holding a roll of duct tape. You ask me if I’m up for a little kinky fun, holding up the duct tape, saying that you found the tape in storage, and thought that I would be up for a kinky game. You tell me to relax, and go around behind me, simulating you taping me to the chair. You then walk back in front of me, saying there is one more detail. You rip of a piece of duct tape, and gag me with it. You add a few more strips of tape to the gag, telling me to shut up and enjoy myself. The game has just begun. You tell me that you love having men tied up, gagged, helpless and watching you, while you tease them with your perfect body. It will be a tease and denial session, with me utterly helpless and unable to move or talk. You reveal your outfit underneath the secretary clothes (again similar to the “sweet suffering challenge” video). While you tease me, you tell me to struggle against the tape. If I get free, you will allow me another more private session. Throughout the the video, you continue to add more duct tape to my bonds and gag, making my escape even harder. In the end you tell me that times up, and you leave me tied/denied, telling me that someone else might find me eventually.

Added: 6/27/18
Price: $20.99 USD

Young Goddess Kim - The Secretary


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