Ashley Alban - Staring At Your GFs Ass
Ashley Alban - Staring At Your GFs Ass

Ashley Alban - Staring At Your GFs Ass

Your girlfriend is tired but she says that she needs to clean up a bit and put up the laundry. She is wearing super short grey shorts, and even though you know that you should be helping her, you are frozen in your chair staring at her butt. You watch her ass jiggle as she walks around and bends over picking up various articles of clothing. You even follow her downstairs, continuing to stare at her perfect ass she she walks up the stairs grabbing some lost socks. After a little while she says that she feels really hot walking around, and she takes off her shirt. She even slides her shorts off as well so now she is only in a bra and a thong. She finally realizes that youíve just been staring at her the whole time. She asks if youíve liked the show so far. She decides to really tease you and she asks you to get your face up close to her butt. She spanks herself and slides her thong off. She starts to shakes her ass and tells you to stroke your dick. She asks if you liked watching her booty jiggle as she walked around, which of course you did. She jumps up on the bed and starts to run in place on the bed and jump around, really making her ass jiggle. You love it! She continues to shake her ass for you and begs you to cum all over the place. Once youíve finished, she asks if you want to take a shower with her so you can both cool off.

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Ashley Alban - Staring At Your GFs Ass


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