Lizzie Murphy - Lizzies Feet could RUIN You
Lizzie Murphy - Lizzies Feet could RUIN You

Lizzie Murphy - Lizzies Feet could RUIN You

You never considered yourself an addict or a weak submissive mess of a man but when curiosity got the better of you and you decided to stroke to something new. Something about feet really caused chaos in your mind. Without consciously knowing it warped your mind and it overtook your thoughts and you were instantly sucked in. You have always been confused as to why feet have such a hold over your dick. With one glance at my wrinkly soles you are instantly weakened and in a deep state of submission. They force you to drop to your knees, you are transfixed by my pretty toes, arches and soft silky skin. My feet have so much authority over your mentality. You are totally absorbed, enslaved and by my feet.
You are your completely obsessed with feet, not any feet, my feet. The hold so much power over you. I enjoy teasing, tormenting and ridiculing you for your fetish. I love bring a grown man to his knees in submission to my feet. You are a completely hopeless, pathetic and hooked loser who lives for one whiff of my feet.To smell my sweat powerful aroma, to have your nose buried into my toes and to feel my soft soles is what you ache for. Beg to kiss my divine feet, tell me at what lengths you would go to be my foot slave. What you would be willing to lose for the privilege to be at my feet.
My feet hold so much power over you, they could ruin you in an instant. Controlled and besotted by them can land you in a whole heap of trouble but don't stop stroking to them loser. Lose yourself.

Lizzie Murphy - Lizzies Feet could RUIN You


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