Mandy Flores - Your Slutty Cocktease Girlfriend Fucks All Your Friends At School Behind Your Back
Mandy Flores - Your Slutty Cocktease Girlfriend Fucks All Your Friends At School Behind Your Back

Mandy Flores - Your Slutty Cocktease Girlfriend Fucks All Your Friends At School Behind Your Back

Awww are you still mad about last night? You werenít expecting to see me riding another cock, were you? Well I guess we do need to talk, donít we? But why did you show up at my place unannounced? We only see each other twice a week, Iím busy and have other plans on other days. As you now know. But our arrangement had been working out so well judging by the loads Iíve gotten out of you when we fuck. Right?
And what you didnít know wasnít going to hurt you. Now do you really want to know the truth and everything thatís been going on behind your back when youíre not around? It sounds like youíre being a little piggy, you want me all to yourself. But thatís not how it works sweetie. I have needs and not just one cock can satisfy this pussy. Thatís why Iím such a cocktease at school. You should be proud, all the guys at school want to be with your girlfriend.
We show up to school together, we make out in the hallways and I even stroke your cock in class. So donít be such a greedy boyfriend. I get all of your friends jealous, wanting what you have, and then I fuck them behind your back after school. Whatís the big deal, babe? Donít you want to be with the slutty girlfriend? Aww did you think you were the only one? LOL! Well I tried to keep it from you but you showed up without calling, thatís what you get, sweetiepie.
Why do you think I only saw you a few nights? Because Iím out with other guys, fucking other guys, all of your close friends. And you thought we were exclusive, LOL! Silly boy, you couldnít satisfy this pussy all by yourself. But only you get to take me out on dates, I just fuck the other guys. You get to buy me dinner and take me shopping and be seen with me. Arenít you lucky? You still get my pussy, you just have to share with other guys, no big deal. Donít be mad at me, Iím just trying to keep us happy. I learn things from being with other guys that I use with you.
If youíre greedy you know youíre just going to push me away and I know you donít want that. Besides, how hot was it walking in on me last night? Fucking one of your friends. Donít tell me you didnít go jerk off when you got home. I know it must have driven you crazy seeing your hot girlfriend riding another cock, but now you canít take your mind off of it, can you? I knew we could work this out. I have your cock right where I want it.
Now come here and eat my pussy like the good boyfriend that you are. Come show me how sorry you are for walking in on me and acting so greedy. Iím still drenched from last night. And I have to punish you for coming over unannounced, now get that tongue in there and clean me out. I think Iím going to have to push you back to one night a week because my schedule has been filling up a lot more lately now that itís getting around school what a slut I am. I have a lot more of your friends to fuck behind your back now. Well you have to go now, Iíve got another guy coming over. Thanks for getting me all horny for him. You can go home and stroke again to the thought of me getting fucked by another guy.

Added: 2/25/18

Mandy Flores - Your Slutty Cocktease Girlfriend Fucks All Your Friends At School Behind Your Back


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