Madam Violet - Ethical Homewrecker
Madam Violet - Ethical Homewrecker

Madam Violet - Ethical Homewrecker

Finding the TRUTH and poking it HURTS. I break you down with facts, shake you to your core, make you feel like , then give you HOPE. Classic brainwashing, insidious psychological control and conditioning. We both know that I am ‘hotter than your wife’, to say so is obvious and vulgar. I am not going to diminish or demean you wife in order to fulfil your home wrecking fantasy. I believe all women should be respected by ALL men. If your wife knew what you do behind her back, would she still want to be with you? Maybe she would understand and forgive - unlikely. This is not just porn, this is who you are. This file is MY kind of homewrecking, cold HARD devastating truths that make you question everything about yourself, your relationship, your life. I am cruel and relentless and then sweet and understanding leaving you confused and so conflicted. I know that you are SUBMISSIVE, not WEAK, and I know you WANT to be a good man…you want to do the right thing. But then it’s so very confusing as what I’m saying kind of turns you on, and those LONG legs and juicy tits DEFINITELY make you hard. This is hard listening, and it SHOULD be. I want you to feel bad, feel the guilt, imagine the storm if you grew a pair and confessed. But you won’t, you will continue to live your lie. Whatever you do, ultimately it is not My problem, or concern because I accept all slaves; the weak, the deceitful, the duplicitous. All men are flawed, I expect no less, your wife on the other hand expects so much more. Don’t cry slave, at least there is always a place for you here, at My feet, in the dirt where you belong. This is not about ending your relationship, rather making you CRY, making you HURT on the inside. Instead of lashing your bare ass with a chain, I am inflicting the same on your psyche, deep REAL pain that will linger. I LOVE it : ) and you know you deserve it.
Contains: homewrecking, manipulation, coercion, humiliation, brainwashing, slave training, tease and denial, femdom, psychological conditioning, leg worship, tit worship.

Madam Violet - Ethical Homewrecker


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