Triggered by My Red Lips
Madam Violet - Triggered by My Red Lips

Triggered by My Red Lips

Come slave, sit with Me a while. Stare into My eyes and listen to Me talk the sweet seductive words of trance to youIt is perfectly safeI am after all an EXPERT in that advanced art of Neural Linguistic Programming and clinical mesmerisation.but dont worry your head with this slave. All you have to do is STARE into My beautiful eyes and fall deeperyou know just what to doas I relax your bodymore and more, amplifying all that pleasure and relaxation with suggestions and finger snapsstaring into My eyes.lostI take you deeper using eye closure and fractionation.Then I get to work building upon the subliminal suggestionsI COMMAND your cock to be rock HARD for Meits very important your cock is hard for Me slavedo NOT touch thoughjust concentrate on your cockwhen your desperate needy overwhelming desire and feelings of submission reach a peakI anchor them to a POWERFUL new triggerMy Red Lips.My red lipsso AROUSED and desperate perfectly submissive and humbleMy red lipsI want you to stroke your cock slave just for a few really fix this trigger into place.good boyso OBEDIENTso easy to trainFrom this point forward whenever you see Me with red lips, you will be powerfully overcome with that desperate ACHING sense of frustration, those aroused, needy, SUBMISSIVE cravings will flood your body and mindyour cock will HARDEN at the sight of My RED LIPSContains advanced NLP, progressive relaxation induction, embedded commands and suggestions, trigger implantation, binaural sounds to activate the deeper parts of your mind, finger snaps, tease and denial.

Triggered by My Red Lips


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