Chastity Will Help You Feel Closer To Me
Lady Fyre - Chastity Will Help You Feel Closer To Me

Chastity Will Help You Feel Closer To Me

I have a surprise for you today pet. Youíre being so good kneeling before me. Look at this new, beautiful, shiny chastity cage I have for you. And this is your surprise because I want you to lock up your cock for me. This is a big step. Itís a privilege to be locked by me. I donít just lock up anyone. And I know youíve been thinking about it, being locked up for me. Chastity is an amazing tool, it will help you to feel closer to me.
Iím going to show you how to put it on, and then youíre going to put it on for real for me. Youíre going to lock it and give me the key. Now your cock is all locked up. For me. I own it. Do you feel it? Do you feel the connection we now share? You can feel my total control. Your cock is so important to you, you think about it all the time. Itís always hard and horny. Sometimes your life even revolves around it. And if your life is going to revolve around something other than me, donít you think you should cage up that thing? You should put it to use in honor of serving your Goddess.
If youíre all caged up for me and you canít touch yourself without my permission, I become that much more important in your life. No more useless wasted orgasms for you. No more jerking away any time you want. Your orgasms are going to become so much more important to you, now that youíre mine, now that your cock is mine. Youíre going to have to ask my permission every time you want to cum. Each day without orgasm is another day of sacrifice in serving me. Think about that.
I know that youíre still going to be very aware of your own cock because this cage is heavy and restrictive. I want you to feel it at every moment, as you will feel my control, my power, my ownership over you as you grow more and more pathetic. Your cock is useless, itís merely a tool I use to control you. You are a selfish jerker who needs control, who needs to learn to serve and be selfless. You want this so badly, you need it. You want me to control your life more and more and by owning your cock, I control your mind. Feel the weight, as youíre constantly aware that your cock is now mine.
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Chastity Will Help You Feel Closer To Me


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