Princess Amai - I Know You Have Fucked Up Gang R.@.p.3 Fantasies
Princess Amai - I Know You Have Fucked Up Gang R.@.p.3 Fantasies

Princess Amai - I Know You Have Fucked Up Gang R.@.p.3 Fantasies

So Iíve been going through your purchase history and itís pretty evident that you have some really fucked up fantasies. Gang r.@.p3 fantasies? Thatís taking it to a whole new level beyond being sissified. Thereís a Big fucking difference between being f0rc3d to suck a cock and gang r.@.p3 fantasies. Clearly youíve gone to a deep dark place in your fucked up mind. Thereís really no returning from that. You canít unflip that switch. And now Iím going to show you exactly what that would feel like. So get out our toys and your sissy clothes.
I know what youíre into you sick fuck. So get dressed up and take out 3 dildos, one for your mouth, one for your ass and one to the side of you for your hand. Now get on all fours in your slutty little outfit and back up on the cock behind you while you hold on to the cock beside you and then put your mouth on the one in front of you while still looking up at me. Now I want you to take them deep. Stroke, suck and fuck. How does that feel being completely filled up? You sick deviant fuck. I know that feels good but thatís nothing compared to what I can really do to you, and itís nothing compared to what three real dicks would do to you.
I know the fantasy seems really hot but know that once you do it, you canít undo it. Youíll never have normal sex ever again after this. But you want it, you want to go down this road and explore it. But the second you flip that switch, there is no going back. You canít reset your brain. I mean look at yourself, Iím not f0rc@ing you to do this. You already hod the slutty outfit and all these dildos, didnít you? You see you were already headed on this path, Iím just giving you a push.
I didnít break you and turn you into this sissy cocksucking faggot now did I? All I did was help you. This has been in you for a long time. Look at how fucking pathetic you are. I want you to fuck your holes harder and imagine theyíre real cocks. Cocks that donít care about your feelings and fuck you with no mercy. Iím sure in your fantasies there are way more than three cocks, arenít there? There will be so many that once you start to regret the decision that you made there will be no turning back. But you need this gang r.@.p3 fantasy to come true. And the scary thought is that even though you might regret it, you still want to do it. Iím going to fuck with your head and your holes so bad in this clip. Iím going to help you unlock your full potential.
Price: $9.99 USD
Added: 10/26/18

Princess Amai - I Know You Have Fucked Up Gang R.@.p.3 Fantasies


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