Priestess Katherine - Siphoning Your Last Orgasm Ever To Satiate My Hunger
Priestess Katherine - Siphoning Your Last Orgasm Ever To Satiate My Hunger

Priestess Katherine - Siphoning Your Last Orgasm Ever To Satiate My Hunger

Take a deep breath and relax. Feel your body beginning to respond to my voice, feel your arousal starting to build inside of you. The sound of my voice makes you so weak, it feels so good. You love to listen and stroke and obey. It feels so good that you just canít help yourself. And you begin to slowly tumble down, down into the dark with me. You never stood a chance, from the moment I opened my mouth, you were lost.
There is no man who can resist my voice. Thatís a little known fact about every succubus, she has some special thing all her own that she uses to pull boys in, weaken them. And mine is my voice. And with every word I speak, you tumble deeper and deeper. This is why I take my time to hyp n0 t1z3. pitiful jerkoff junkies like you. I do it to extract something out of you.
I enjoy feeding on the sexual energy of horny, needy boys. Thatís why I seek out desperate little losers like you. Just siphoning it off of you while you stroke. It feeds me, makes me more and more powerful. I need more from you. And you can stop yourself when youíre hard and jerking and under my spell.
In order to satiate my hunger, Iím going to need more from you, Iím going to take something you value. But before I do, youíre going to cum so fucking hard for me. We both know youíre too much of a jerkoff addict to stop. You donít really use that brain of yours for anything. You donít make decisions that are best for you. Youíre weak and pathetic, such a fucking addict that you canít stop yourself. You just want to watch me suck more and more out of you. You want to stroke and get lost in my voice. Iíve got you right where I want you.
I know that I could tell you exactly what Iím going to take from you and you wouldnít stop me, because when I do, youíre going to cum harder than you ever have before. And that alone intrigues you enough to keep going. Even if the thing Iím taking is the ability for you to cum, ever again. You know that it will be worth it. You know that it will be exactly what you need. Feel the wave of pleasure washing down your spine, tingling like electricity, making you twitch and throb. Feel it pulsating inside of you, moving you, running through you. That is what keeps you going, keeps you stroking, youíve never felt pleasure like this. And this is just a taste.
And even if I take your ability to orgasm, Iím going to keep you around to feed on. This pleasure will never go away, itís just that it will be coupled with an unending need, suffering, never fulfilled, always aching, yearning, wanting. A perfect little mess for me. The perfect desperate little loser, never able to get enough. Too stupid to ever walk away. You want to cum so badly but you should hold back, this is your last one. Donít you want to drag it out? But you know how powerful itís going to be so you canít wait, you can barely hold out any longer, even though you know whatís going to happen once you do. Youíve never been able to hold back, this is whatís gotten you into this situation in the first place. You are going to find this so fucking worth it and I canít wait until you beg me to reverse this so I can laugh at you and tell you No and make you stroke for me even more so I can siphon off your energy. Cum hard, itís your last time, feel it fucking take you. Give in, surrender, let go. You have no choice. Itís too late for you now.

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