Princess Brittanya - Straight Men Do Not Buy F0rc3d Bi Clips
Princess Brittanya - Straight Men Do Not Buy F0rc3d Bi Clips

Princess Brittanya - Straight Men Do Not Buy F0rc3d Bi Clips

If you bought this clip itís because youíre gay. If youíre watching this itís because youíre a faggot. Straight men do not buy f0rc3d bi clips. But little faggots like you who love getting f0rc3d do. Straight men donít get f0rc3d into doing anything at all. And to be honest I donít really have to f0rc3 you to do anything. Youíre here so eagerly watching this clip. You bought it so willingly. So you might as well admit that youíre a big fucking faggot. Say it, say, ĎIím a big fucking faggot.í
I like having fun with little faggots like you, little faggots who pretend that theyíre straight. I know you keep it a secret from your family, your coworkers, and even your gf or wife, lol. But you and I both know that you love cock. You love stroking your cock to f0rc3d bi videos. You love stroking to porn, gay or straight, it doesnít matter, either way youíre looking at the guyís huge cock. Because youíre a faggot.
Jerk it faggot. Jerk it while you think about big hard cocks. I know you can only get hard for cock any more. I know how badly you want one in your mouth. I want you to jerk and suck on two fingers. Good fag. LOL look at you, youíre so pathetic! All you want is a big cock in your mouth. You want to suck it until it covers your face and mouth with cum. You just canít wait to swallow it down. It turns you on so much. Admit it, youíd rather suck cock than lick pussy.
And I know that youíre such a faggot that cock in your mouth isnít enough. You need it in the ass too. Yes I know how much that turns you on. You want a huge cock f0rc3d up that faggot ass of yours. So take those fingers youíve been sucking on and put them up your ass as you jerk your cock. Oh yea, you fucking love that fag, donít you? Of course you do, faggots love having things up their assholes. Look at you, youíre definitely not straight. Iím going to make you cum while you think about cocks, while you fuck your ass with your fingers. LOL look at you, do you think straight men get off like this?
Price: $9.99 USD
Added: 9/8/17

Princess Brittanya - Straight Men Do Not Buy F0rc3d Bi Clips


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