A Valentine's Card for Lonely losers!!!
Melissa Jacobs - A Valentine's Card for Lonely losers!!!

A Valentine's Card for Lonely losers!!!

This is one of our best clips ever. So evil, so excruciatingly teasing, so sinister and mindbogglingly mocking of all that you pathetically cling to as a man, it will make the average loser permanently glued to his laughable cock. So hold onto your sissy dick, loser.
We all know what YOU were doing on Valentine's Day. Stroking away like a pitiful loser, ALL ALONE, dreaming of the girls that were out with REAL MEN. Just like EVERY Valentine's Day, huh? LOL!! Well, at POV Humiliation, we feel SO sorry for you that we've decided to make this little video to keep your head up. You can consider it your belated little Valentine's card. In fact, YOU'RE gonna be MAKING a card under the sadistic guidance of the uber cockteaser and trainer of worthless men, MELISSA JACOBS! "Did you get a lot of Valentine's Day cards this year loser? Didn't think so! LOL!" Melissa is a genuine humiliatrix - this Penthouse covergirl has always had her pick of the hottest men, and has utter disdain for weak little jackoffs. In this clip she taunts you for being a lonely REJECT, as she laughs at your pain and turns you into her little fool. She uses her incredible body, her 'HEART-SHAPED' ass and perfect legs, to stiffen you and then COMMAND you, until you're DROOLING to belong in her literal VALENTINE'S HALL of SHAME!! "Each year I collect more and more losers who don't have a girlfriend. You're going to join them in Valentine's DISGRACE!" She wants to laugh at guys like you who sit at home nursing your tiny cocks, while the real men are getting the girls you can only dream about! LOL! And you're gonna give her EVIDENCE of your shame, so she can "pin you up to her wall and throw darts at you" with her friends! LOL! What are you waiting for wanker? Give Princess Melissa EVERYTHING she wants. Amuse her and join The HALL, jerkoff!

A Valentine's Card for Lonely losers!!!




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