Princess Adrianna - Home Wrecking Bitch Destroys Your Marriage For Fun
Princess Adrianna - Home Wrecking Bitch Destroys Your Marriage For Fun

Princess Adrianna - Home Wrecking Bitch Destroys Your Marriage For Fun

Um I definitely want to see you and your wife divorced. I'm going to be the ultimate home wrecker. But do you wanna know why I do what I do? I mean I don't need another slave, or some weird guy to follow me around, or buy me gifts. I have enough of those idiots around. I just want to destroy your marriage because I'm a total bitch. And I think it's fun, it's a game to me. I destroy marriages just for my own personal amusement.
I think it's so funny that I can hook you and make you believe that maybe one day we can be together. But the truth is, I never wanted to be with you, I don't even want you as a slave. I just want to see you sad as I wreck your home and destroy your marriage and your wife. And once you leave her, then I'm just going to leave you. I don't need anything from you, I don't even want you money. This is just a game to me. I think it's so funny what I can get you losers to do. I only want to see your house be fucking broken. Why? Just because .
I'll just laugh thinking about how I destroyed your family, with no feelings of remorse. You're going to be so sad and distraught when you realize you've lost your wife and I won't return any of your phone calls or emails. I'm going to come in and stomp all over your life and then I'm just going to walk out, and I'm going to go home and laugh about it to myself. I'm such a bitch, lol. And you'll know that I ruined your life and you can't do a thing about it.
You're going to grow so desperate, calling and emailing me, begging for my attention and wanting to know what you did wrong. You didn't do anything wrong, in fact, you did everything I wanted. LOL! Now there's nothing else I want from you. The game is over. I'm never going to have contact with you ever again. All I wanted to do was ruin your life. You're the idiot who thought that I'd be your Princess and we could be together, lol. I never needed you loser.
And now you're all alone, your wife will never take you back. Do you know how I know this? Because just for fun, I called your wife, and I told her exactly what I did to you. How I sucked you in and fucked you over. And I made her realize what a loser she was married to. So just in case you thought you would run back to her and cry and beg her to take you back, I've insured that will never happen, lol. You are such an idiot.

Princess Adrianna - Home Wrecking Bitch Destroys Your Marriage For Fun




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