Lindsey Leigh – Become A True Cum Junkie
Lindsey Leigh – Become A True Cum Junkie

Lindsey Leigh – Become A True Cum Junkie

junk·ie (noun) \?j??-k?\ - A person who is consumed by an addiction. Aspects of their life suffer as he/she satisifies the addiction.

Hey all of my so called cum junkies. You tell me all the time what a cum junkie you are. But the truth is, you're not a Real cum junkie. You're just a cum eater and a cum lover. But in order to be a junkie, you need to take it to the next level. You're not a true cum junkie until you inject it into your veins.
You're going to jerkoff and cum into a syringe. Then you're going to hold it up to your vein and just inject yourself with cum. And then you can call yourself a cum junkie. Right now you're just a fake, a wanna be cum junkie. And why not go all the way? So today you're going to prove to me that you're a cum junkie. You're going to show me that you love cum so much, that you'll inject it into your veins. I know you wanna do this for me to prove just how low you'll go for me.
So start jerking. This is going to be the rush of a lifetime. Once you inject that cum into your veins, you're going to feel a warm rush like nothing you've ever experienced. Your heart will race. And soon you'll need it more and more, you'll become a true cum junkie, always desperate for your next fix. You'll feel waves of euphoria rush through you each time you inject it. You will literally have cum, pumping through your veins.
This is what you so desperately desire, to be a true cum junkie. So jerk a nice big load into your syringe. Once you inject it, the rush will addict you and turn you into the biggest cum junkie ever. Soon you'll do anything to get your next fix. Feel the rush....

Lindsey Leigh – Become A True Cum Junkie


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