Princess Meggerz - Titiot!
Princess Meggerz - Titiot!

Princess Meggerz - Titiot!

I see your eyes, they're staring at my tits. You can't even help yourself. You're so utterly addicted. It's kinda pathetic. I mean that I can blame you, just look at my huge tits. You lose all self control. Fucking moron. Once I pop my boobs out, you lose your mind. Dumbass. All the blood drains from your brain to your cock and you become stupid and mindless.

You'd do anything for my boobs. Anything for me, just to show you a little cleavage. You're losing it now, I can see it in your eyes. All you want to do is stare, stroke, and spend on me. Because if you want your tit fix, you have to keep me happy. Stare, stroke and spend on them. And if you're a good boy, and you give these tits exactly what they deserve, I might even let you cum to them. I might even take this little top off and let you stroke your dick to my bare tits.

You titty addicted mindless fool. All you can do is focus on my breasts. Should I take my top off so you can stare up at my tits and stroke? Do you think you deserve that? Go spend and while you do, I'm going to untie my top and let it drop to the floor. Now there's nothing but my hands between you and my bare tits. Don't you just love how they look? I know how desperate you are for me to remove my hands and let you see them in all their perfection. You're so close now. I think you might blow...

But I want more, give me more and I'll show you more. I promise you'll have the best orgasm ever once you give in to these tits. I have your cash and your mind as you jerk and jerk and jerk to my tits. Now beg me to drop my top and my hands. Beg me to show you my tits so you can blow your stupid little load. My tits want more and you can't help but obey my tits. And maybe, just maybe, I'll show you them...

Princess Meggerz - Titiot!




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