Ashley - Jerk To My Feet, My Sad Lonely Foot Loser
Ashley - Jerk To My Feet, My Sad Lonely Foot Loser

Ashley - Jerk To My Feet, My Sad Lonely Foot Loser

Hey you little disgusting foot freak. You're not a normal guy who likes ass, pussy, or tits. You're a weirdo who gets off to girls' feet. All you wanna do is jerkoff to my cute little feet. And that's not fucking normal! You stare at my soles, my arches and my wrinkles and they make you so hard. And you know that the only thing you deserve is my feet. A blonde bombshell like me would never pay attention to you in real life.

You obsess over my feet. You live to worship my feet. It's so sad and pathetic but I don't mind. So go on, worship them. Show me what a foot freak you are. I don't even have to talk to you. I can just sit here and put my feet in your face and completely ignore you while you jerk your cock and stick my toes in your mouth.

I think it's so sad that you're watching this video, all alone, jerking off to my feet. I can't help but laugh at you as I put my perfectly manicured toes in your face. You're a sad lonely foot loser. And I don't have anything else to say to you, I'm tired of talking to you. So I'm just going to sit here and ignore you further while you work yourself into a frenzy over my feet. I just love watching you make a fool of yourself.

Are you still there? What a fucking loser! I don't even need to talk to you and you still worship me. You're so disgusting. I don't even want to think of you jerking off to my feet because I think it's just so fucking weird. Can you just finish jerking off already so I can get you out of my site?

C'mon you pathetic foot boy. Cum for my feet all alone behind your computer screen. Now thank me for allowing you near my feet.

Ashley - Jerk To My Feet, My Sad Lonely Foot Loser




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