The Spit From My Lips Is Just For You, Loser
The Spit From My Lips Is Just For You, Loser

The Spit From My Lips Is Just For You, Loser

You're a special kind of loser. You've got a thing for my mouth and my spit. You wish you could kiss my beautiful, full lips, but the only thing you get is the spit, drooling off of my gorgeous lips. You get down on your knees and open your mouth willingly to gulp down every drop. And the spit that falls off of your face and onto the floor is yours to lick up as well. You need every drop in your mouth.

You'll do anything just for a chance at swallowing some of my bodily fluids, even if it's just my spit. You crave to know what I taste like and this is the only way you'll get your chance. You'd love my spit all over your cock so you could jerk with it while you swallow it down. Just watch it dribble off off my lips. Open up your mouth and beg for it.

You'd pay good money just to have my saliva going into your mouth. Spitting on you is so degrading but that's what you like, isn't it? The more degrading the better. It just makes you so fucking hard. You're my little spit loser. I want you to swallow it all for me. Drink it down like it's the sweetest nectar you've ever tasted. Taste perfection loser.

You look so pathetic down there with my spit all over your face. And since you know you'll never get to taste my lips or my mouth, you're content to just enjoy the spit that comes out of my mouth. And you should feel so lucky because the spit coming out of my lips is just for you.

The Spit From My Lips Is Just For You, Loser




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