Pampered Penny - Wonder Woman Captures and Regresses You
Pampered Penny - Wonder Woman Captures and Regresses You

Pampered Penny - Wonder Woman Captures and Regresses You

I finally caught you! You wake up helpless in a strange room. It looks likeÖa nursery? Youíre horrified to find yourself bound and at the mercy of your archenemy, Wonder Woman! Iíve neutralized your powers and dosed you with a regression serum.
Get ready for some extreme humiliation as I diaper your evil, criminal bottom and tell you how your life is going to go from now on. Iím going to regress you and raise you to beÖmy sidekick! Youíre furious, but you canít resist me. The serum is already taking effect and all you can do is protest in babytalk. ďMommy, no!Ē But I donít listen. Instead, I gag you with a pacifier gag and dress you like a babie.
But Iím not going to be a cruel Mommy. To help you relax, I decide to fulfill one of your fantasies. I know that youíve been curious about my big tits. How could I not notice the way that you stare at them? Now just drink your bottle so that you can wet your diaper like a good little ward!
But when you turn defiant as I check your sopping diaper and find a hard cock, I decide that you need more discipline and regression. I think that I wonít change you until that erection goes down. After all, you are very tricky. I want to be sure that youíre completely regressed before I touch your little stiffy.
Price: $18.99 USD
Added: 5/27/17

Pampered Penny - Wonder Woman Captures and Regresses You


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