Jenny DeMilo - Cocksucking Addiction
Jenny DeMilo - Cocksucking Addiction

Jenny DeMilo - Cocksucking Addiction

Relax your whole body, listen to me and obey. Listening to my voice right now is all you want to do. You will obey. You will feel very submissive. Letting what Iím telling you sink deep into your mind. You will crave to do what I tell you to do.
You love cock, all kinds of cock, you need cock. You love big, hard, thick, juicy cock. You can feel yourself becoming addicted to cock, and addicted to sucking cock. Nothing gets you hotter than thinking about your love of cock. Itís a craving you feel every day. You crave to suck cock. The addiction builds. You will find yourself becoming sexually aroused thinking about big, hard cocks. You will become sexually aroused whenever you see a big, hard cock. You are obsessed and becoming addicted to big, thick hard cock. And you need to suck it off. You long to kiss and suck and taste a pulsing hard cock. You will obsesses over your desire to drop to your knees and service a hard cock, until it explodes all over your face and mouth and deep in your throat.
Thinking about sucking big hard cocks makes your own cock pulsate and twitch and get very, very hard, harder than ever before. You wonít be able to stop your cock from getting hard. Every time you see a cock you will feel this urge to drop to your knees and suck them off. You will have no control. You will need to find cocks to suck in order to satisfy your addiction to cock sucking. Itís a craving. Youíre like a junkie who needs a fix. You need to suck a cock when you feel the addiction start. You will no longer have a choice, it will be an uncontrollable urge to suck every cock you can find. You are controlled by your cock sucking addiction.
You want to live like a cock sucking addicted, hyp n0 t!zed, mesmerized cock sucker, always wanting to jerkoff to thoughts of you on your knees, sucking cock. Your addiction drives you to do riskier and riskier things, just to get a taste of cock. It makes you so excited and aroused when you think about how addicted you are to sucking cock with your greedy mouth. You cannot control how badly you need a cock in your mouth. These thoughts will seep into your every day life and you will constantly find you are thinking about sucking cock. You will always be thinking about how much you want to put a big thick hard cock in your mouth. You cannot control these feelings, they control you. You are addicted to cock sucking. You need to be sucking cock all the time. You are controlled and consumed by your cock sucking addiction. You will beg to suck hard cock. Itís an addiction thatís out of control. You are a cock sucking addict.

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