Princess Nikki - Next Beg Me To Fuck Your Wallet Harder As You Throb In Your Chastity Cage
Princess Nikki - Next Beg Me To Fuck Your Wallet Harder As You Throb In Your Chastity Cage

Princess Nikki - Next Beg Me To Fuck Your Wallet Harder As You Throb In Your Chastity Cage

Hello my little piglet, I want you to drop your pants and put on a chastity device. I want to see that itty, bitty penis locked up for me where it belongs. I want to see how hard it gets in its cage as you listen to me degrade you. You will always be locked up in chastity whenever you are around me. Little dick losers like you shouldnít be able to touch their dicks when you even look at me through your computer screen.I only let real men with huge cocks have their dicks out around me. Theyare worthy, you are not. Little pin dick losers like you simply deserve to be locked up in my presence. Itís the only way Iíd let you near me. You need to suffer for me, you need to be reminded of your place and feel your cock locked as a reminder that youíre nothing more than a loser pig for me. The only thing youíre good for is your money. You donít deserve pleasure. I want your cock throbbing as you pay me, but I donít want you to be able to touch it. Iím going to condition you so that you feel the need to lock your cock up every time you pay me because you know you donít deserve to touch that dick even when you pay me.You can be my locked up human atm. All of your money is going to be mine. Iím programming you into becoming a locked up pay pig. Soon you will know that you need to lock it up and twitch every time you pay me. And every time you pay, I want you to beg me to fuck you over harder. Beg me to fuck your wallet harder as you throb in your cage. Itís going to feel so good. It turns you on so much knowing that I only want you for your money. Nothing else.Your little dick is squirming, trying to get fully erect, but it canít because I have you locked up. You stupid fuck. Iím going to fuck you over in chastity and youíre going to love every second. Itís getting hard not to spend on me, isnít it? Your cock throbs in its cage and it sends a message to your brain telling it to click to make your tiny locked up penis feel good. Youíre obsessed with me, youíre obsessed with paying me. I am your addiction and youíre my pathetic pay pig. And you need to start practicing, you need to get down on your knees and suck some cock. And over time I think youíll become a really good cocksucker. And I know youíll feel fulfilled when youíre sucking off all those men and taking all those loads of cum down your throat.Imagine how good youíll feel satisfying all those men. You know Iím right, youíre a faggot. We both know it. Accept it. So this week I want you to find one guy who will let you suck his cock, and I want you to suck it and watch his facial expressions and listen to the noises that he makes, and then I want you to swallow his cum. Swallow your pride along with that cum, faggot. Stop messing around with women and start sucking some cocks.

Princess Nikki - Next Beg Me To Fuck Your Wallet Harder As You Throb In Your Chastity Cage

Added: 1/8/18


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