Soul Crushing Verbal Abuse For Stupid Suckers
Princess Lucy - Soul Crushing Verbal Abuse For Stupid Suckers

Soul Crushing Verbal Abuse For Stupid Suckers

Hey loser, I know youíre sitting there, eagerly waiting to beat that cock. To me. Thatís why you bought this clip now isnít it? Because you wanted to jerk your cock to me telling you what a pathetic piece of $.h.!.t.. you are. You bought this clip so I could tell you $.h.!.t.. that you already know while you furiously beat your dick. Iím not going to tell you anything new, just that youíre pathetic, youíre a loser, you have no friends, all the things youíve become so accustomed to hearing as you jerk off. And I know that jerking off to me telling you these things is the highlight of your fucking pathetic day.

What would you do without me? You would have nothing. Itís kinda sad. Do you really have that little going on in your life? You literally pay for my abuse. Youíd pay for me to completely ignore you, youíre that pathetic. And I would ignore you, do you know why? Because youíre no one, youíre nothing, not worthy of any respect at all. No one cares about you, I certainly donít care about you. If you didnít buy my clips there would be countless others who would. Youíre nothing but a number to me. If you disappeared Iíd literally have no clue. But if I disappeared, if I stopped making clips, youíd desperately obsess over me.

I donít even have to put any effort into these clips, youíd fucking buy anything I made. Youíd beat your little loser dick to a video of me talking on the phone completely ignoring you. Youíre so fucking low, so fucking addicted, so pathetic. Really. You literally have nothing better going on in your life. So youíll pay for any glimpse into my life. Just so you have something new to hold on to. You are so pathetic! You really have nothing! Aside from me, what do you have that makes life worth living? I give you purpose.

I wonít even get naked for you. Youíll just pay to listen to me rant about how pathetic you are, about what a worthless piece of $.h.!.t.. you are. And you like that, donít you? Do you like it when I tell you how much I hate you? Does that get you off? Well itís true, I do hate you. I donít like weak men. I may make a living off of you suckers, but I hate you. And you should thank me for even making these videos that you pay for. Because this is the highlight of your day. When this clip is over youíll have nothing left to look forward to. Iím all that you have. No girl wants you, thatís why youíre here jerking off to my clips. And Iím so repulsed by you.
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Added: 10/1/17

Soul Crushing Verbal Abuse For Stupid Suckers


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