Empress Jessika Lynx - Disgusting Bathoom Bitch
Empress Jessika Lynx - Disgusting Bathoom Bitch

Empress Jessika Lynx - Disgusting Bathoom Bitch

You're such a sucker for humiliation. Anything I come up with, you'll do. Take your laptop over to your bathroom, lock the door and prepare to make yourself my bathroom bitch. I have a few devious, gross, humiliating instructions in store for you. Don't bother cleaning your bathroom beforehand, or take out the trash, as I'm going to make you do that anyway. Mostly with your face. And I've always wanted to flush someone's head down the toilet! Sure, you'll get to cum, but you probably won't like what I make you do with that cum. Or maybe you will. You are my disgusting bathroom bitch, after all.Note: This isn't a "toilet humiliation" clip, ie, no bodily fluids are involved, though the toilet itself definitely is. There's still plenty of gross stuff I can, and will, make you do in your bathroom.

Empress Jessika Lynx - Disgusting Bathoom Bitch


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