Cuckold comparison
Kaidence King - Cuckold comparison

Cuckold comparison

I walk into the room, having finally finished work for the day and while Iím closing the door I tell my boyfriend how much Iíve been looking forward to this. But when I turn round, my husband is there with him. ďWhat are you doing here?! So, I guess you know Iíve been cheating on you with this black guy? Well, Iím kinda glad you found out actually. Because now we can get divorced and I can finally start fucking him every day like Iíve been wanting to. Your cock is just...not the same. His cock satisfies me like yours never could. What, you donít believe me? Take your cocks out then, both of you!Ē
You and my black boyfriend both take your cocks out. His is a huge, throbbing hard black dong (8 inch realistic black dildo). Yours is a pathetic, 2 inch, flaccid white dick (2 inch realistic white dildo). I humiliate your cock while I worship his, while slowly stripping off. I show you how much bigger his cock is in my mouth, in my hand and in between my tits. ďImagine how much better his feels in my pussy!Ē You still donít seem to understand, so I guess I have to fuck him.
I get completely naked and climb on top of his cock. As soon as it slides inside me, Iím moaning, practically screaming with pleasure. I tell you how much better it feels than yours. How much bigger it is. I suck your cock a little while I ride his, but only for a minute because I donít care about your pleasure. Iím going to cum. ďWatch as this big black cock makes your wife cum!Ē I orgasm all over his massive cock, screaming and moaning with pleasure. ďSee? His is just so much better. Sorry! Iíll be serving you divorce papers soon.Ē I exit, leaving you all alone, forever.

Cuckold comparison


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