Pathetic Little White Boy
Danielle Maye - Pathetic Little White Boy

Pathetic Little White Boy

WARNING: EXTREMELY racially offensive video!! If you are NOT into Interracial Domination or racial verbal abuse, do NOT download or watch this!!! You have been warned!!!***
This was a custom clip a guy has begged me for months to do this clip for him, i finally agreed.
Hey whiteboy…are you ready to stroke your little white dick?
Whenever I get horny I am thinking about one thing…THUG! ! COCK! Seriously…they are bigger than my fucking arm! How big is your white baby penis? Like 4 inches? Fuck that’s disgusting…
I would rather masturbate or fuck another white girl than even touch a pathetic white faggot loser like you! You should probably just get used to jerking off. That’s all you are good for… And now thanks to the internet you can do that every night…while watching hot white bitches like me get all my slut holes stuffed by big black cocks thicker than my fucking wrist!
I can’t say no to dick. Just last week a group of high school thugs took turns fucking my white ass! Does that turn you on? They smacked me around…fucked my white throat…spit on me…fucked my big white titties…made me beg for it as they laughed at what a pathetic white bitch I was. Once they were done… no joke, I asked for their phone numbers lol! If white faggots tried that I would laugh and call the cops…literally. Would you even be able to be man enough to push me around and get your dick up my phat white ass? Of course you wouldn’t.
In another generation or two you will not even matter anymore white faggot. None of you are having …but black men are knocking up white bitches like me every day! And still you sit at home jerking off to that thought…don’t you white boy?
So, keep stroking your tiny white baby dick you white faggot… Just sit back and enjoy the show as the black man takes over. Just jerk off to your own racial destruction you pathetic white fuck.
I have got cocks to suck so I gotta go!
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Pathetic Little White Boy


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