SPH By Your High School Crush
London Lix - SPH By Your High School Crush

SPH By Your High School Crush

I can't believe we're going to do this! You finally get to sleep with your high school crush. It was so nice to see you at our reunion tonight. I've known all these years that you've had a crush on me. You were always so obvious in school. But you're sweet and cute and I don't mind sleeping with you. And I also heard a rumor about your cock. All the girls used to say there was something special about it and that I'd have to see it to believe it. So forgive me for being a little bit excited.
You've wanted this for so long, I can see how excited you're getting. I see a tiny bulge already, I can't wait to see it grow. I'm gonna strip for you so you can see my hot body and I know that will make your cock hard. I want you to take off your clothes as well. Go on, stroke it, I want you to get it throbbing for me. I can't believe I finally get to see what all the rage is about. So many girls told me it was shocking and I wouldn't believe it until I saw it. So go on, pull it out. I'll bet it's huge. I hope I can take it.
What? Is that it? Do you need to stroke it some more and get it hard? LOL! Are you a little tiny dick loser? Oh My God, that's what they meant! They meant it was smaller than anything else I'd seen. And here I thought you had some huge dick, lol! You have a little shrimp dick, lol. A little maggot between your legs, lol. OMG, this is sooo disappointing.
Wow you're really pathetic. It looks like it's throbbing. Are you getting off on me humiliating you? Really? How sad. And you almost got to touch me. But no way loser, I'd never let a little dick loser like you touch this perfection. But you can stroke it for me. I almost feel sorry for you. I want you to have a little pity jerkoff. Wow it only takes two fingers! LOL!
Go on, jerk your little loser dick to a girl you'll never have. Stroke it to my amazing body while I insult you. I'll bet you're still a virgin, no girl has ever fucked that. I could have more fun with my pinky inside me. You're useless, and you know it, and you love it. You love jerking that little teeny weeny to the thought of me humiliating you. You love it when I call you a loser. You are so sad, so pathetic with your little cock.
This isn't the kind of entertainment I was hoping for tonight but it will do, lol. It's so funny watching you trying to be a real man. Stroke it faster. You could have had me if you were a real man, but this body is not for you. I am for here for you to worship, for you to obey. My body is here for you to stroke to over and over and over again.
Aren't you so lucky? You're going to get off to someone you know you don't deserve.

SPH By Your High School Crush


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