Mind Slave Brain Seduction
Mistress Deeane - Mind Slave Brain Seduction

Mind Slave Brain Seduction

Hello Pet. I am your new Queen, and you, are searching for your new self, a better self. This is your entrance into a hyp n0 t!c world, where you can embrace yourself for what you are. And in this world you will come to understand my weapons. My first weapon is seduction. And my second one, is your conflicted self. I love to transform slaves like you. And I know how much you enjoy being there, on the edge, waiting for my seduction to take over your brain. And your old self will soon conflict with your new self, so we must remove that old self, permanently.
And you know, that with every stroke that you take, you are closer to your new self. You begin to feel yourself transform. And you will do this for me, gladly, as I seduce your mind with my words. As I lead you down a path to your better self, as you wash away those boundaries put there for you previously by societal norms.
Feel the sound of my voice soothe and relax you. Focus only on the words that slip from my lips. There is nothing else. The sound of my voice and the movement of my hips create the desire to leave all of your preconceived notions in the past. They are gone. I am entering deeper into your brain. You can feel me now there with you and you're opening the door for me. You're embracing your new self. You feel your old self, your old values slowly drip away.
Now we enter the final stage where we permanently implant triggers into your brain. Turning you into a slave, my slave. And you feel comfort with this fact for the first time. You feel pleasure, relief. Place your hand on your cock, and as you move your hand up and down, you will start craving my words, my knowledge, even more than before. You are shaped by what your designer wants to do with you. I want you mindless, left in the hands of temptation.
You are becoming a brainwashed slave, a mind slave. You will give yourself completely to me. You're going into this addiction that you've wanted for so long. You're closer to the path of submission than you know. This is the pathway to ecstasy. I am controlling your brain, keeping you on the edge of orgasm. You are mine. Your new self is happier, fulfilled. You feel grateful.
I love keeping your mind and your cock on the edge for hours til confusion fades to acceptance. And when you cum, your old self will be gone, forever.

Mind Slave Brain Seduction




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