Kayla Jane Danger - The ‘Girlfriend’ Cycle
Kayla Jane Danger - The ‘Girlfriend’ Cycle

Kayla Jane Danger - The ‘Girlfriend’ Cycle

I know why you're back here. I know the little cycle you're going through. All the guys like you go through the exact same thing. You come here and jerkoff to these humiliation videos day after day, night after night. And then, you find some girl, who doesn't know what a pathetic jerkoff you are, she likes you, you stop jerking off to these videos. You cancel your membership. You think you've finally kicked it and now you're in a normal relationship. You think you're happy and you're proud of yourself for quitting your addiction.
And then what happens? She doesn't fulfill your needs. She wants sex, she wants you to eat her pussy, she wants to make out, she wants romance. And what do you want? You want her to tell you what a loser you are. You see, your needs will never go away. You can fool yourself for a short time, but they always come back. You see that being in a normal relationship just doesn't do it for you sexually. You need to be told that you're pathetic and unworthy to achieve mind blowing orgasms. Having her whisper sweet nothings in your ear while you make love just doesn't give you that rush.
You need a dominant woman and as long as you continue hiding or lying to any girl you're with, you'll never be happy or fulfilled. So you break up with her or she breaks up with you and you end up back where you started, here, jerking off to these videos again. It's vicious cycle. You know this has happened to you. And then you feel good again, at home, where you belong. You can try, and I know you will, to be normal, but you will always come back. These cravings will never leave you. And you're a complete idiot for thinking that each time you meet a new girl it will be different. The result is always the same.
Perhaps one day you'll learn that you need a dominant Princess in your life, not a girlfriend. Only this will make you truly happy. But you're a moron, so you will repeat this cycle over and over again. You don't want to get off in a normal way, in fact, you can't, and I know it and you know it. Why do you keep going for girls who can't do it for you?
So what part of the cycle are you in now? Are you back in humiliation land, ready to submit? Or are you attempting once again to have a 'normal' relationship? Either way, it doesn't matter, you'll always end up back here. You're an addict, an incurable addict. Once your brain has been tickled with the rush of humiliation, nothing else will ever compare. Break the cycle, give in...

Kayla Jane Danger - The ‘Girlfriend’ Cycle




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