Maya Midnight Ė Draining Your Cash And Dignity With My Feet
Maya Midnight Ė Draining Your Cash And Dignity With My Feet

Maya Midnight Ė Draining Your Cash And Dignity With My Feet

Hey my little foot bitch, I know youíre so obsessed with my feet that youíll do anything to worship them. And you also love that I know just how to exploit that. So youíre going to pay me just for the privilege of worshiping my perfect little toes, soles, arches and wrinkles. Iím going to drain and tease you by taking your cash and putting it in between my cute toes so I can hold my feet and your cash up in your face and mock you for being such a pathetic, desperate foot slave.
Iím going to place hundred after hundred in between each of my toes while you kiss each one and thank me for taking your money just to kiss my feet. Arenít you so lucky Iím letting you do this? And because youíre so horny and Iím such a bitch, Iím going to make you keep paying. I think you like looking at your money in between my toes. You like knowing that I took it from you just so you can get down on your knees and worship my feet.
Iím a greedy foot princess, I want more! More loser. Keep paying and worshiping. Iím going to drain all of your cash and dignity with my feet. Youíre so weak for me feet that itís almost too easy. You canít stop, can you loser? The more money you put in between my toes the hornier you get.
Stare at my feet and your cash while you jerk your stupid little piggy cock that canít stop twitching to the thought of what Iím doing to you right now. Youíre such a horny little idiot that when you see my feet your brain just stops working. All you can think about is how hard you are and how badly you want to kiss and suck on my toes.
Kissing my feet tastes so much better when you know that youíve paid dearly for it. You love that itís so easy for someone like me to exploit you and lead you around by your horny cock and take all your money with only the promise of being able to kiss my feet. Youíre such a stupid little foot bitch. Dumb and horny and absolutely obsessed with my feet. You love how stupid I make you feel. You crave this kind of humiliation from me.

Maya Midnight Ė Draining Your Cash And Dignity With My Feet





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