Princess Mabel – Scientific Evidence Of A ‘Loser’ Gene
Princess Mabel – Scientific Evidence Of A ‘Loser’ Gene

Princess Mabel – Scientific Evidence Of A ‘Loser’ Gene

There is new, actual, scientific evidence that there is a loser gene. Yes this is true. There is a gene that some people possess that makes them predisposed to being weaker, insecure, more of a 'beta' human being. This gene also makes it so that these people are less likely to have sexual partners and reproduce. Thus balancing nature and getting rid of these weaker, more pathetic human beings. In other words, losers are a dying breed. You've always had this gene, so in a sense, your being a loser is 'biological'.
You were biologically born a loser, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Does this make you feel better? Knowing you were born inferior and it is not your fault? In fact, it's your parents' fault. LOL. It's just part of your DNA. You can't change it, it's built inside of you. There's no cure, no hope for you. You've been destined to be a loser since birth.
Most people would be sad when they're diagnosed with something horrible like that. But not you. You're jerking off right now as I tell you about your loser condition. Proving exactly how fucked up your brain chemistry really is. You really are a loser. I mean think about it, think back on your whole life, you know it's true, you've always been a loser. You've been fucked since birth. And most likely you will never reproduce so your genes will never be passed on.
But even though you were born this way, it won't stop me from taking advantage of you loser. In fact, this new information just gives me more power over you as you realize that you are truly and biologically a loser. You will realize you have no choice, but to live your life as a beta male, serving superior women. Now maybe you can understand why you are the way you are. And you can now accept yourself. You don't have to feel so bad about being a loser, as if it is somehow your fault. It's not, you were just born this way.
And part of your 'condition' is that you're getting off to this new information. Losers get off to being told they're losers, lol. Pathetic. It makes you so horny to know that it's so deeply engrained in you. There's nothing you can do about it loser. You might as well give in and enjoy it. I know you do already, lol. You love being a loser and jerking your cock to that fact, night after night.

Princess Mabel – Scientific Evidence Of A ‘Loser’ Gene





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