Miss Deeane – Reprogramming Your Brain With My Voice
Miss Deeane – Reprogramming Your Brain With My Voice

Miss Deeane – Reprogramming Your Brain With My Voice

Relax as I bring you into a world of fulfillment, of creation, a world that shapes little losers like you. A world where I create your brain, a world that is free, a world that brings you peace and happiness. Deep inner peace, deep in your mind. And all you have to do to get there is to listen to my voice. My relaxing voice will guide you, my voice will decide what you do, and you will feel compelled to obey.
I am going to ask many humiliating things of you. And you will feel compelled to comply with my demands, no matter what they are, no matter how degrading. I am going to abuse your limits as you follow my voice deeper down into the depths of depravity. I'm going to play with your brain until there is nothing left by the sound of my voice.
Your brain begins to crave my words and my commands. It needs them like a drug. You need me. I am your Goddess. I am superior to you. Just follow my voice and see where it leads you. All you want is to obey me. You will crave my humiliation. Your brain will say yes to whatever I command. I'm going to play with your subconscious and you're going to love every second of it. I want to abuse your inner being.
You will love, crave and need my voice. It will be a yearning, a need. The more you listen, the more desperate you will grow for it when it is gone. You will begin to enjoy things you never thought you would. The desire will begin to run through your veins.
I am the Queen that creates your dreams. I am your creator and your designer. The builder of your mind. I am in your cells. I am the reason and the cause, and you are just an effect. Stop thinking, let it all go.

Miss Deeane – Reprogramming Your Brain With My Voice




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