Programming My Human ATM
Bratty Bunny – Programming My Human ATM - Hipnosis

Programming My Human ATM

Find a nice quiet, comfortable place and relax. It's best if you put your headphones in to hear my voice around your brain, so you can let the world around you fade. Today we are going to focus on turning you into my human money machine, my atm. You need to be programmed and I'm going to program you, easy as that. So clear your mind and focus on my eyes and my lips. Empty your mind. Just stare and listen. Lose yourself and go deep as my words take over your brain. You'll feel a tingling sensation in your brain as it courses through your veins. You can feel your cock pulsate with the sound of my voice as you let it all go.... Just drift... It feels so good..
You need to be programmed. You are so weak and vulnerable. My words surround your brain and replace your thoughts. Once I'm inside, it's so easy to program your mushy brain. Everything in your brain... Gone.
You are a Human ATM. A machine. Programmable. With buttons to push. Buttons I push so easily with my words. A push them and money comes out of your wallet. This happens automatically. This is an uncontrollable urge. You are barely human anymore, just a machine, a money machine. Paying me over and over again as I touch your brain. And it feels so good. And it makes your cock twitch. You can't stop. The feeling is so pleasurable, better than anything else you have ever experienced. You are nothing but a Human ATM. This is your only purpose.
You need to make me happy and this is the only way. And you Love making me happy. This is a continuing cycle. You are trapped. The more you pay the better you feel. Larger and larger amounts. It just keeps coming out. You can't stop it. You don't want it to stop. You no longer no how to do anything else but pay as I push your buttons over and over again. You're in an addictive trance where you brain is being reprogrammed.

Programming My Human ATM


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