Suzanne - Mesmerized And Controlled By My High Heels
Lady Suzanne - Mesmerized And Controlled By My High Heels

Suzanne - Mesmerized And Controlled By My High Heels

Hello loser, what do you want from me? Do you want me to humiliate you or give you masturbation instructions? And tell you how pathetic you are stroking your cock every day to these clips, every free minute you have. Is this what you want to hear? Yes I know it is! And I know this because you're a fucking loser! Well I don't want to give you what you want, you're pathetic. I don't even want you touching your dick! Do NOT touch your nasty cock! Disgusting!
But you know what you can do? You can clean my shoes, you can suck my high heel. I know what a good sucker you are, lol! I'll bet you prefer sucking cocks that are much bigger than my heel. And I'm sure you're used to bigger things up your ass but I could still put my heel up there just for my amusement. I know my heel is making you horny but don't you dare touch your cock, you pathetic pervert. My clip, my rules!
My high heels are very powerful, they can do so many things to losers like you. They can give you pleasure, and they can cause you lots of pain. Imagine my high heels piercing your skin or stepping on your balls. I could walk all over your back with them and then kick you in the nuts, lol. Even just staring at them puts you in a trance. They are so powerful over you. It would give me so much pleasure to bring you pain with my heels.
Don't even try to disobey me, I am a very powerful Mistress. And as I move my heel around and around in front of your face you become more and more mesmerized by it, more susceptible to my words. Now look up my heel at my perfect body and know, without a doubt, that I am out of your league. I am in control. I own losers like you. And know that you can never worship my body for real, this, is as close as you will ever get.
Now bust your balls for your Goddess. Spread your legs and punch yourself in the nuts to show me the power I have over you through the computer. You're nothing but a pathetic loser to me.

Suzanne - Mesmerized And Controlled By My High Heels




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