Domme Kyaa - The Queen Of Denial
Domme Kyaa - The Queen Of Denial

Domme Kyaa - The Queen Of Denial

My beauty is surpassed by none. Your weakness for me is all consuming. I rule over all men with my perfect body. No male can resist. All men are ruled by me. Ruled by the Queen, the Queen of Denial. You must worship me on your knees, bowing before me, in total denial. You are not allowed to stroke, and you are not allowed to cum. You are completely denied any pleasure. You must suffer as you watch me tease you. You will fall victim to my beauty, to my power.
You will suffer in denial for my perfect ass, my long legs, and my perky breasts. I am your Queen and you will worship me as a slave. You will worship at my feet in total denial. You are not worthy of an orgasm. You are not worthy of the pleasure of masturbation. I am the Queen of Denial and I have ruled that you will not stroke and you will not cum. And you have never felt so helplessly aroused.
And even though you know that you may not stroke or cum, you will watch and you will suffer for my amusement. You will never be worthy of my perfect body. You will suffer in denial for me, Queen Kyaa. You are nothing more than my slave, my subject. And you understand that you are not worthy of an orgasm. You will worship in awe as I deny you over and over again until your brain falls weak and submits to my every whim.
You want to stroke so badly to my royal ass. But I am not the Queen of slaves jerking their cocks, I am the Queen of Denial. No stroking, no cumming. All you get is to suffer for me in denial. Your place is beneath me, slave. You belong on the fucking ground. Bow down before me. Worship in reverence and awe the perfect Goddess. I will tease your horny cock and never allow you release. For all of eternity you will suffer for me.

Domme Kyaa - The Queen Of Denial




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