Lindsey - Owning You Isn't Enough, I Want Her Too
Goddess Lindsey - Owning You Isn't Enough, I Want Her Too

Lindsey - Owning You Isn't Enough, I Want Her Too

Look at you, you're so desperate and pathetic. I can't believe that someone married you. She must be an ever bigger idiot than you are! And you know, I really enjoy owning you and playing this game behind your wife's back, but owning you is no longer enough for me. I wanna own your cow wife too. You two are such both fucking idiots that you need me in your life. You both need someone like me to worship and to give meaning to your boring lives.
You see lately you haven't been paying me enough money and I think it's time that your wife starts paying me too. She's just a stupid, fat, ugly cow, what use does she have for her money? She should spoil me and make my life better since there's nothing she can to do to make her life better. I just really want to use you and your wife. It would be so much more fun. I'll humiliate the fuck out of both of you while you worship me, pamper me and do my chores. See now you two can bond and have purpose. You should fucking thank me for this!
You can watch as your wife rubs lotion on my feet while I spit in her face, lol. Wouldn't you just love that, if I came over and took over your house and make the two of you my servants? You'd both look forward to coming home after work just to worship me. You two got married and you just gave up on life. You two have been so bored. Having me treat the two of you like dirt will put a spark back in your marriage, lol. I know you two don't fuck anymore. I will be the glue that holds you two together.
I promise to treat your wife like a total pig in front of you! LOL! This will be so much fun, tormenting you both. You know she wants to be used as badly as you do. I'll turn her into my street walking whore. She works for me now, taking load after load while I collect all the cash. And then when she comes home, you can clean all of the cum off of her face and out of her pussy with your tongue. You should offer her to me, just the way you offered yourself to me. You're both going to be my slaves for the rest of your pathetic lives.

Lindsey - Owning You Isn't Enough, I Want Her Too


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