Princess Lexie - The Brat
Princess Lexie - The Brat

CALLING ALL LOSERS: I use you. All the time. I use you for your money, I use you to do My homeowork, I use you to get what I WANT. And guess what dork? I'm going to tease the FUCK out of you until I get it. In this video, you are the lil wimpy loser who does My homework even while I talk $HIT TO you. You just love the fact that the most popular girl is even giving you the time of day! you don't care that I humiliate you, use My body to get what I want, and laugh at you. It's worth it just to be in My presence. HAHAHAHAHA you're just TOO EASY to manipulate!

Princess Lexie - The Brat

Type: wmv
Size: 96MB
Run Time: 00 : 09 : 42
Resolution: 720 x 540

Princess Lexie - The Brat




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