Giggly, Bratty School Girl Small Penis Humiliation
Mandy Flores and Princess Barbie - Giggly, Bratty School Girl Small Penis Humiliation

Giggly, Bratty School Girl Small Penis Humiliation

Why do you think that we invited you over after school? Do you think itís because youíre cute? Or maybe we have a crush on you? Or maybe we invited you because we heard how big your cock was and we really like big cocks, so we just have to see it. So go on, pull it out. We wonít laugh, if itís as big as youíre telling everyone, we will worship it. So címon big boy, pull it out, just show us.
LOLOLOL!!!! Are you fucking serious? Thatís like the tiniest penis weíve ever seen! OMG! LOL! Awww your face is all red. I donít even think itís as big as my pinky. Weíre gonna tell everyone your little secret! LOL! Youíre going to take all of our abuse right now because shame on you for lying about how big, or rather small it really is.
We wanna watch and see how you jerk that little penis. Awww look it only takes two fingers, LOL! Jerk that itty bitty penis for us. And just the fact that you are hard right now means that you like us laughing at it. Weíre going to completely torment you until only girls laughing at you will ever get you hard ever again. Youíll probably jerk off to this moment for the rest of your life. Jerk that tiny penis.
Watch me suck on this little penis! LOL! We would never suck that little thing, LOL! We would never even feel that thing if you tried to fuck us. It wouldnít do anything for us. You must feel so pathetic and so sad. Youíre worthless as a man, you know that right? Keep jerking that tiny penis for us. We wanna see it squirt, we know it doesnít blow a load, LOL! And now youíre gonna be our slave if you donít want your little secret to get out. So youíre our bitch now at school. And being our bitch will make you pretty popular. All the boys will want to be you, following us around, getting to carry our books and do our homework. Youíre gonna be so lucky. Maybe weíll even put you in panties because thatís where you belong. LOL!
Iíll bet youíre a virgin too, you must be with that little dick. No girl at school would ever fuck that! But today is your lucky day, weíre gonna let you cum for us. So go on, jerk it faster as we laugh at how pathetic you are! Now get outta here you loser!
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Added: 9/15/17

Giggly, Bratty School Girl Small Penis Humiliation


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