Goddess Victoria - Executits
Goddess Victoria - Executits

Goddess Victoria - Executits

This clip was a custom order. Contains the name Ryan.
In this clip, im a customer who has commissioned plenty of custom clips with you. We finally arrange to meet each other at your place. It's my birthday, so you wish me a happy birthday and thank me for being such a loyal fan. In fact, you have a special reward for fans who have gone the extra mile for you, but it must remain a secret. It's the ultimate form of pleasure, but I cannot know what it is until I agree to pay a heavy price at the moment of truth. I'm a little hesitant, but you melt away that resistance by unzipping my pants and stroking me. You can tease me about liking handjobs so much, after all, the customs i pitch to you all have a handjob in them. I accept your offer, and you tell me to lie down. As you look down on me, you explain how excited you are to do this, as it's been quite awhile since you've offered this to someone. You tell me it's well worth the price. You tell me to close my eyes. The screen wouldn't fade to black, I'd just close my eyes while watching. While my eyes are closed, you would remove your robe and put quite a bit of oil/lube on your breasts to make them shine, use alot! When you tell me to open my eyes, your breasts are right in my face. You explain that the oil on your breasts is an aphrodisiac, and will make any man experience extreme pleasure, but at the cost of their life. I start to reconsider, but you gently push your breasts into my face, and I ejaculate instantly, to your delight. Due to the oil, im erect again immediately. For the rest of the clip, you can tease me about giving up my life for you, and you would push your breasts into my face, making me orgasm again, and again, until i expire.

Goddess Victoria - Executits


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