The Mindfuck begins when you send me the key
Princess Lacey - The Mindfuck begins when you send me the key

The Mindfuck begins when you send me the key

Hey my little chastity loser, Iíve got a couple of questions for you. First of all, is your little dick locked up right fucking now? Because it most certainly should be. My next question is, whatís the longest youíve gone being locked up? I know some of you just like the idea, some of you wear it for a day or so, some for a week or a month, and some just send me the key and let me decide. And that is what I prefer, being in complete control of your cock and your orgasms. It gives me so much power. I own your cock loser, and you want me to lock it up and own you completely.
But for now I want to pick your stupid little brain a bit, about your chastity device. I hope youíre wearing it now as you should be, and I wonder when the last time was that you touched that dick of yours. I hope not recently because as a chastity loser thatís not something you deserve. Only a Goddess like myself should decide if you deserve that privilege.
I wanna push you, I wanna push your limits. I donít think you truly know what itís like to be in chastity. Do you know how I know? Because your key isnít in my hand. Only then will you feel my power. If you have the key, well then what good is that, you can unlock yourself at any time. The mindfuck you will feel when you send me that key will fuck you up more than youíre stupid little brain has ever been fucked up before. But you know what? Youíre going to love it. Youíre going to beg me for more. Having a true key holder for your locked up cock, gives you a whole new feeling of submission, a deeper one. So if you still have your key, not only are you not taking this seriously enough, but youíre missing out on the mindfuck of your life.
Youíre not truly in chastity until I have the key. Wearing it yourself isnít enough. Thatís just a stupid game youíre playing. In order to truly feel my power, and you will feel it every moment of you every day youíre locked up, you need to hand over the key. You need to have your limits pushed. You need this so bad. Send me the key loser, feel the rush. Your hands will be trembling as you put it in the envelope. Once you know itís on itís way to me that will be the most liberating, exciting thrilling feeling your little loser body will every experience. Yes you know itís true, you feel the rush already. But thatís nothing compared to what youíll feel when you see it in my hands. I wanna know how long youíve gone in chastity and then Iím going to take you way past that. I wanna control that dick. Be my chastity bitch for real and experience true bliss. Soon youíll be begging for that key, only to have me laugh in your face, and push you just a little bit further. But once I do send you the key and let you out, and you feel you have the control back, youíre not going to want it. Youíre gonna wanna put it right back on and send that key right back to me.

The Mindfuck begins when you send me the key


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