You Don't Matter At All, You Mean Nothing To Me
Luscious Lindsey - You Don't Matter At All, You Mean Nothing To Me

You Don't Matter At All, You Mean Nothing To Me

Honesty, do you really think with a body like mine that you matter? With a perfect, tight body like mine I certainly donít give a fuck about a loser like you, I donít have to. I see you for exactly what you are, who you are. You are nothing, you just donít matter. Look at me, do you think you could ever matter to a hot girl like me? I donít care about you at all, I donít even know that you exist.
Every time you watch a clip do you just hope, do you think that if you spend enough just maybe youíll matter to me? No, Iíll never care about you, no matter how much you spend, no matter what you do to try and get my attention, you will never matter to me. I donít care about you. I might pay a bit of attention to you if you spend enough, but thatís only so I can take more. Youíll never have a chance with me, how does that make you feel? Does it hurt? I hope it does. Youíll never ever be good enough for me. Youíll never compare to a real man.

You will never be able to please a body like this. You wouldnít even know what to do. Youíd just be so completely lost that youíd just sit there and jerk off. Youíd sit in the corner of the room and jerk off because thatís all you know how to fucking do. Just a fucking loser who canít stop jerking to me. You worship me, youíre addicted to me, you want me to pay attention to you so badly. So you jerk and spend and jerk and spend. But you still donít matter to me. Youíre just one of so many. You mean nothing. My body is so perfect and so far out of your stupid loser league, that you just canít help it. Itís beyond your control. Because I control you, I fucking own you. And youíre not going anywhere. Nothing is ever going to change for you loser. Youíre so fucked.
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You Don't Matter At All, You Mean Nothing To Me


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